vExpert 2023 Sub-Program Award Announcement & The vExpert Second Half Application Period

We are pleased to announce the awards for the vExpert sub-programs for the year 2023. These sub-programs are intended to foster closer relationships between vExperts and VMware Business Units, providing vExperts with direct access to these units. If you are interested in learning more about these programs, you can check out the vExpert Directory which provides profiles of each vExpert in each program.

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All of the vExperts in these sub-programs have made significant contributions to the community and are willing to share their expertise with others. These are highly skilled professionals who are experts in their respective fields and generously share their knowledge with the community. It should be noted that the vExpert award is not a technical certification, but rather an acknowledgment of an individual’s willingness to share their IT knowledge and experience with others.

If you are interested in becoming part of this unique opportunity, you must first become a vExpert and then apply for the sub-program(s). The application submission period for the 2023 second half vExpert program will start on June 15th and end on June 29th. The voting period will start June 30th and second half awards will be announce on July 19th.

What is the submission period? Since applications are open year round, we have period where you need to finalize your application before we lock applications on June 29th. After apps are locked you will no longer be able to submit to update your application.

Awards announcements will happen on July 19th. Apply or update your application for the vExpert Second Half period, don’t miss out.


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