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VMworld 2021 – Favorite Sessions Picked by vExperts – Vote for Your Favorite Article

This year for VMworld 2021, the vExperts have picked their favorite sessions and wrote articles on why they picked these sessions. We’ve put together a complete list below as well as added a form for voting for your favorite session at the bottom. Voting closes Friday September 10th, 2021.

Here are the 57 vExpert blog articles:

TwitterVMworld 2021 Favorite Sessions
@TworekLukaszVMworld 2021 – we are waiting…
@KremerPatrickVMworld 2021 Session Recommendations
@phoebesykimVMworld 2021 Sessions for Securing and Managing Multi-Cloud
3 Thought Provoking Network and Security Session at VMworld 2021
@bakingcloudsVMworld 2021! Top 5 sessions for Cloud Providers. Register Free
@bakingcloudsVMworld 2021! Top sessions for NSX migration
@alaingeenritsSecurity sessions at VMworld 2021
@alaingeenritsMy personal picks for cloud management at VMworld 2021
@engyak907VMworld 2021 is right around the corner! Here are my top 10 sessions!
@linoteleraPreparing Session for VMworld 2021 – Automation with Tanzu (#APP1412)
@MasterWayZ1My VMworld 2021 Top 10 sessions
VMware 2021 내 기준 Top 10 세션 –
[출처] VMware 2021 내 기준 Top 10 세션|작성자 잭잭
@spellicyEnabling Humanity: Sessions to Inspire Innovation at Vmworld
@SanderBerkouwerI’m virtualizing Domain Controllers at VMware VMworld 2021 around the world
@esxsiWhy Bother With VMworld 2021?
@gstrouthMy top EUC sessions for VMworld 2021
@KewitzAlexanderMy Top 10 Sessions @ VMworld 2021
@jpsiderVMworld 2021 – Imagine That …..
@niyijrVMworld 2021 – 10 Recommended Sessions on VMC on AWS
@bethcsouzaVMworld 2021 is coming!!
VMworld 2021 —Invites you to embark on an Application Modernization journey
@m0bilej0nTeasing the Top EUC Session at VMworld 2021: Magic Links Made Easy
@m0bilej0nTen Can’t Miss Sessions at VMworld 2021 for the Digital Workspace
@dalvarez1721VMworld 2021 – My Personal Top 10 Sessions
@plomprVMworld 2021 Top 10 session to watch
@r33miVMworld 2021, 5 Must Watch EUC Sessions
@vStephanMcTigheSessions I’ll be Attending at VMworld 2201
@vseanlambertVMworld 2021 – 11 Sessions I’m Excited About!!!!
@KeithRichardLeeApplication Modernization vExperts at VMworld 2021
@danielmicanekVMworld 2021 – My Top 10 Sessions
@vHojanI’m excited for VMworld 2021 and this is why!
@des0lat0rMy Top Picks for Sessions at VMworld 2021
@Manuhh_LVMworld 2021: Minha lista de sessões
@virtualg_ukTanzu A-Z at VMworld 2021
@vdopplerTake Five: 5 Must-See VMworld 2021 Sessions
@kim_bottuMy top 5 picks for VMworld 2021
@umacboyvictorMy Top 8 Sessions to see at VMworld 2021
@batuhandemirdalEkosistem 6G’de Başarının Anahtarı Nasıl Olacak- VMworld 2021
@_michaelrebmannData Center as a Service based on VMware Cloud Foundation
@kleegeekSQL Server Session at VMworld 2021
@TinaKrogullVMworld 2021 TAM led Sessions
@TinaKrogullVMworld Sessions for YOUR list
@aldershotchrisVMworld 2021 Session Breakdown
VMworld 2021 – My top 10 Sessions
@ravatheodorVMworld 2021 – Sessions to watch
@virtualisedrealMy VMworld 2021 Schedule by vExpert Barry Coombs
@BizTechMegVMworld 2021 – Must see sessions from vExpert Megan Warren
@theeucguyLearn How to Create an Optimised Windows Image for Horizon at VMworld 2021
@dalehassingerVMworld 2021 – SaltStack Config Session
@cwestwaterMy Top 10 Sessions to see at VMworld 2021
@GarethEdwards86Are you ready for VMworld 2021?
@GarethEdwards86VMworld session catalogue is now available
@vladanWhat’s your favorite VMworld 2021 session? Here is my top 5
@wonder_nerdTalk Nerdy to me & Updates at Vmworld
VMworld 2021 session picks
@sam_akroydVMworld 2021 Session Previews

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