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7 Networking Trends Driving Enterprises to SD-WAN


The SD-WAN market is undergoing an exponential boom that isn’t expected to wane anytime soon. Based upon the principles of software-defined networking (SDN), SD-WAN provides enterprises a revolutionary way to centrally manage their networks and plays a pivotal role in delivering critical business applications. According to a report by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, the SD-WAN market Read more...

3 Benefits of Offering an SD-WAN Solution as a Network Service Provider


With rising bandwidth demands and low operations budgets, network service providers must adapt and stay competitive by utilizing new technologies. As networks become more complex and compute is pushed to the edge, more organizations are turning to software defined wide area networks (SD-WAN). SD-WAN solutions enable flexible deployment and usage-based options, allowing for optimization of Read more...

Revolutionizing Your SD-WAN Experience: Putting the Power at Your Fingertips


In our present digital world, the primary interaction your employees and customers have with your business and services is online. While the driving force behind investing in advanced technologies like software-defined networking (SD-WAN) is to overcome complex IT challenges such as improving network and application performance or security, often overlooked is the power or “brains” Read more...

VMware Named Top SD-WAN Vendor in Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Report


SD-WAN continues its emergence as a transformative technology helping enterprises in multiple business sectors achieve operational efficiencies from their networking infrastructure. VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud® ranked as the top SD-WAN solution in a recent report from Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, a highly-regarded advisory and consulting organization serving clients all over the world. Quadrant Knowledge Solutions are known Read more...

VMware IT Uses SD-WAN: A Case Study We’re Proud Of


As part of the VeloCloud team at VMware, we have a healthy number of customer case studies that demonstrate the value that VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud provides. From retail to healthcare and from financial services to construction, VMware SD-WAN has made an impact across numerous industries. Each of these case studies highlight real customer problems Read more...