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Deliver a Superior Client Experience with VMware Edge Network Intelligence

COVID-19 has reshaped the workplace, and the changes will not be temporary. Working from home, or working from anywhere, is a large part of the “new normal” of today’s workplace. Although enterprises have found creative ways to support their employees working outside the office, IT departments still find it difficult to optimize employee experience at the network edge.

Part of the problem is diversity in devices and in connectivity at the edge. Although cloud access has sped up connectivity to many enterprise applications, the edge — the home office, or wherever the employee happens to be — has to use whatever connection and device it can get. This might be cellular data on someone’s personal smartphone, or an enterprise-issued laptop using a home Wi-Fi network. It’s no longer only enterprise-grade connectivity to the corporate network from a wired building, on only a few kinds of devices that are controlled by the IT department.

When infrastructure components are not within an IT department’s control, IT lacks visibility. The heart of the problem is that when an employee can’t access corporate apps, or experiences unusual jitter and lag on a video conference, it is harder for IT to diagnose the cause. Problem resolution and fault isolation at scale are difficult, if not impossible.

AIOps Provides Full Network Visibility

VMware Edge Network Intelligence™ is a vendor-agnostic artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) solution focused on the enterprise edge. The solution uses machine learning-based predictive analysis, actionable intelligence, and proactive remediation to assure performance, security, and visibility of end-user and IoT devices at the distributed enterprise edge—branch, campus or home.


With VMware Edge Network Intelligence, network administrators gain visibility not just into the SD-WAN network, but all the way to the LAN. They have a complete view of the client experience, whether or not that client is using SD-WAN to access the network.

AIOps can provide deep insight, fault isolation and proactive recommendations to solve problems before they occur. VMware Edge Network Intelligence helps network administrators solve these use cases:


  • Application assurance: Making sure that end clients have a good application experience
  • Wireless and wired experience: Getting full insight into end clients’ connectivity over both wired and wireless networks
  • Business continuity: Understanding the employee device experience no matter where they are working
  • Change verification: Having the data to prove whether a network change had the intended effect (or the opposite)
  • Fault isolation and recommendations: Seeing network flows from multiple vantage points and understanding not only where faults occur, but learning where they might occur and suggesting fixes
  • Operational assurance for IoT: Knowing that a certain endpoint on your network is an IoT device, and ensuring security and performance for those IoT devices

Explore AIOps Possibilities at Our Webinar

If you’d like to learn more about how VMware Edge Network Intelligence can provide better insight into your environment, sign up for “Get a Rich Client Experience with AIOps Solution from Edge Network Intelligence.” At this free webinar on October 14, 2020, we’ll show you how to ensure superior end user and IoT client performance, security and self-healing through wireless and wired LAN, SD-WAN and SASE.

Join us and learn how our solution leverages ML algorithms to provide deep visibility and actionable insights that enable proactive remediation, to maximize your investment in SD-WAN.


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