Next week, I will be in Barcelona for VMworld Europe 2019. At VMworld I’ll be joining our Executive VP and GM Sanjay Uppal on stage talking about the evolution of the networking industry and how VMware SD-WAN is evolving to meet new challenges in our session, Network Edge: The New Frontier for EUC, IoT, 5G and Beyond (NEDG2605BE).


VMware SD-WAN enables the “Network Edge”  – connecting and enabling critical functions where the customer requires them – the Edge of the Enterprise Network. As I described in my last blog post, the “Edge of the Enterprise Network” is a shifting paradigm – and it could mean the Branch, the Data Center or even the Cloud(s)!

VMware SD-WAN provides a unique platform for tackling the challenges that users are solving as part of the Network Edge transformation:

  • Edge Compute: VMware’s market leadership in virtualization and SD-WAN come together to provide a platform to enable flexibility in deploying workloads at the Edge or in the Cloud (and migrate between them).
  • Underlay Intelligence: VMware SD-WAN can take advantage of this intelligence (e.g. 5G Network Slicing) to bring overlay and underlay intelligence together seamlessly.
  • SD-WAN as a Platform: A consolidated approach to layering additional services on top of the SD-WAN Infrastructure, such as advanced security and analytics.
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Integration: Providing the platform for accessing the ever expanding “Network of Clouds” in an automated, secure and performant manner.

If you’ll be in Barcelona for VMworld, join us for our session to hear about these areas as well how our product is expanding in these areas and how we leverage them to achieve business objectives – including our vision for end-to-end Self-Healing Networks.