Are you looking for a way to justify your organization’s pursuit of SD-WAN? Are you looking to understand why SD-WAN is a game changer? Or do you just want to know what exactly SD-WAN is in simple terms?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then you have to watch this video from Drew Schulke, vice president of networking at Dell EMC. In this short video tutorial, Drew briefly outlines the historical reasons behind WAN transformation and why SD-WAN has become a necessity.


  • Concerned with transport between data center and remote office.
  • Offices primarily used email, ERP and some apps.
  • Routers had to be placed in every remote office and the data center and each one had to managed separately.
  • Packets had to be routed back through the data center for security and ease of management.
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) used for transport. Reliable and high quality, but expensive.


  • Increasing usage of social media and SaaS consumption. Email now a cloud solution, like Office 365; more usage of SaaS apps, like Salesforce.
  • Infrastructure has changed, yet traffic still being sent back to data center.
  • Circuits are getting taxed and difficult to manage everything separately.

Enter SD-WAN

  • Provides centralized control and better visibility through virtual cloud orchestrator.
  • Instead of routers, x86 devices at branch offices and data center + gateways at cloud providers.
  • Take advantage of broadband: lower quality and reliability than MPLS, but lower cost.
  • Can set business policies for traffic prioritization—choosing optimal path over broadband, while maintaining same quality.
  • 50% MPLS/50% broadband = 50% of transport costs spent today.
  • Companies moving toward goal of 100% broadband would further go down to 25% of transport costs spent today.
  • SD-WAN helps customers in this journey toward that goal and is a safe way for companies to make this transition.

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