You’ve probably already realized that you need to migrate to an SD-WAN solution, but perhaps you’re still concerned about the potential impacts of making that change. Fortunately, one of the benefits of embracing a software-based approach to networking is enabling a seamless migration. With a highly reliable next-gen SD-WAN, there’s no need to incur any network downtime—before, during or after the migration.

SD-WAN connections can be added over the top (OTT) of existing public or private access and network connections. Besides avoiding the types of disruptions that you may have experienced during network migrations in the past, an OTT approach supports seamless financial transitions as well, with no need to rip and replace existing assets.

With diverse connections, SD-WAN enables 100% uptime during migration and beyond for true business continuity. As you may know from painful experience, any downtime—planned or unplanned—can have a huge negative impact on the experience that you must deliver to your employees and/or your external customers. Ultimately, downtime will drive customers to your competitors.

Don’t wait any longer for “the incident” to spark your migration to SD-WAN. Boost your confidence and comfort in taking the next step by learning more. Join Windstream Enterprise and VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud® experts on September 12th at 11 am PT for a live webinar where we will dive in deeper into the topics of seamless migrations and achieving 100% uptime.


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