inventoryCompanies with a global presence and multiple branch offices can quickly find themselves with a complex infrastructure that is inefficient and expensive to maintain. Global services company, RGIS, found themselves in just such a situation.

Outdated and segmented network software services, connected to the datacenter through branch routers, resulted in heavy performance penalties, a lack of visibility and a costly dependence on IT for new deployments and maintenance. With 400 offices and growing, RGIS knew its existing infrastructure needed to change in order to maintain a level of reliability and security for their customers.

After their firewalls began failing at a high rate, RGIS employed SD-WAN to simplify new office deployments while improving connectivity and overall bandwidth. Now, RGIS has a network that can support future growth.

Learn how VMware SD-WAN helped reduce hardware footprint, improve network visibility, and optimize bandwidth usage in our most recent case study.

RGIS case study