Say “Hello” to QOS Networks!

Who is QOS Networks?

QOS Networks was born from fanatical customer support. The QOS lifeblood is in delivering customers with complex network solutions in a way that is simple and hands-off. The QOS team has it down to a science, with no plug left un-plugged and no wire left crossed. It is a pioneer in the implementation and support of SD-WAN solutions and currently manage thousands of edge devices for customers around the world.


The QOS Experience

QOS has designed its organization around implementing and supporting SD-WAN to NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud customers. It has developed the first 24/7 purpose-built NOC specifically for SD-WAN that provides single-call support and Carrier Management, which means you only need to call QOS Networks, and not multiple carriers. The QOS experience starts from day one:

  • Preparing for SD-WAN
    1. The QoS Networks team takes you through the ins and outs of the SD-WAN marketplace. They run through a full network discovery including network configuration, dependencies, and roadblocks to a successful SD-WAN implementation.
  • Complete Managed Deployment
    1. The team configures, deploys, and installs all of your SD-WAN hardware and ensures everything is correctly configured. QOS Networks is an extension of your IT team, working together to ensure your network is always running.
  • Lifetime Management
    1. The team performs ongoing monitoring and reporting of your network to ensure it is running optimally every single day. Plus, QoS communicates directly with the carrier, so you don’t have to.

QOS and VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud

QOS has dominated the deployment and management of SD-WAN, managing thousands of units currently in customer sites around the globe. QOS has partnered closely with NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud to deliver the high performing SD-WAN solutions customers expect, paired with the white glove service and end-to-end management that customers deserve.

“QOS is a punch above their weight class and deliver when it counts to our largest clients” says NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud VP and GM, Sanjay Uppal.


Why Work with QOS?

QOS Networks has the unique ability to make complex networks simple. Its team is highly skilled, having spent years in both the Service Provider realm as well as in large global corporations. This means it is able to empathize and strategize around the most complex of business networks.

It is NOT an Internet Service Provider. This means it can be nimble and flexible and work with any existing or planned ISPs in the customer’s ecosystem. Working with Dual MPLS or ISPs is simple.

Not only does QoS deploy and manage a customer’s SD-WAN environment, but its able to design a custom solution based on the configuration of the customer’s environment. QOS becomes the customer’s go-to for their SD-WAN management.