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What’s New with VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit

Recently, we announced few changes to the VMware vCloud® Architecture Toolkit (vCAT). These changes come as VMware expands and diversifies its product portfolio, especially with regards to cloud operations and hybrid cloud products. This new version of vCAT focuses on helping to guide our partners in defining, designing, implementing and operating VMware-based cloud solutions. That’s why we’re calling this version the VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit — Service Providers (vCAT-SP).

vCAT-SP establishes what’s required of our partners to define, design, build and operate a VMware-based cloud service. In particular, vCAT-SP covers two implementation models: Hybrid Cloud Powered and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Powered. We picked these two models because they, in turn, align to other common cloud service models.

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vCloud Air vTech Talk: Setting Lease Limits in vCloud Air

No one likes racking up unexpected charges. Whether it’s because you left your car running, your air conditioning on or because you forgot to turn something off, discovering you’ve suddenly accrued a ton of costs is always an unpleasant experience.

Thankfully, VMware vCloud® Air™ users don’t have to worry about going over any limits in vCloud Air. That’s because, much like our feature in vCloud Director, users can set limits on both virtual machine run times and storage.

In this episode of vCloud Tech Talk, our series highlighting tips, tricks and resources for all thing vCloud Air, Jenny Fong discusses how you can save money and minimize stress by setting lease times on your virtual machines and storage.

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Win a Rockstar Experience at Our Inaugural VMworld 2015 DevOps Hackathon!

Are you ready to rock VMworld 2015? With more than 400 learning sessions featuring top-notch industry speakers and unlimited networking opportunities with 240 exhibitors, this year’s conference will offer a range of opportunities for any eager cloud connoisseur.

Debuting this year, the VMworld DevOps team is hosting what is poised to be one of the most talked about events at the conference – a live Hackathon with a grand prize worthy of one true rockstar developer.

There are two ways to participate in the Hackathon:

1. Open Competition

Build anything you want on top of VMware vCloud® Air™.

Participants can start building as soon as they register for the Hackathon. Then on the day of the Hackathon, starting a 9:00 AM (PST), participants can head to the Hang Space at VMworld for any last minute assistance from our vCloud Air Ninjas.

At 3:30 PM (PST) participants are required to be in the Hackathon Hang Space where they will be asked to fill out a form describing what they have built. A panel of judges will then select the top 10 applications for final judging at 4:00 PM (PST). Finalist must be present at 4:00 PM PST. Finalists will each by giving three minutes to present their application on stage to the judges. If you go past three minutes you will be cut off to provide time for the rest of the participants to present.

Judging will be based on the following three categories:

  • Creativity
  • Complexity
  • Usefulness

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Another VMware Cloud in Action – Legacy Reserves Protects Its Growing Business with vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

Legacy Reserves LP is a master limited partnership headquartered in Midland, Texas, focused on the acquisition and development of oil and natural gas properties primarily located in the Permian Basin, Mid-Continent and Rocky Mountain regions of the United States. Their main business objective is to generate stable cash flows from the acquisition and development of long-lived oil and natural gas properties.

Legacy Reserves runs several Microsoft SQL Server databases containing data that the company relies on to inform its land-purchasing and selling decisions. Legacy Reserves must capitalize on the right timing—often a window lasting mere seconds—to buy and sell oil-rich land, which means that its databases must be up and running at all times. To minimize the potential negative impact a disaster would have on its business, Legacy Reserves needed a strong disaster recovery plan to protect its SQL Server databases. Legacy Reserves already had a plan in place, but sought a more dependable solution that could support the company’s fast growth. Director of IT Cory Elliott elaborates on their experience, “We had an attempt at disaster recovery at another facility, but we just had very little confidence that in case of an emergency or an actual disaster that the DR plan and DR facility would facilitate what our executive management needed from a disaster recovery site.”

Legacy Reserves considered all the major players in the cloud space for disaster recovery, but chose VMware vCloud® Air™ because of their relationship and familiarity with VMware products and services, “We realized that our business is VMware. VMware runs our business, so why not use someone we’re comfortable with?”

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Cloud Seeker: Play the Game to Start Your Adventure to the Cloud!

The journey to finding a cloud that meets all your business requirements can be tough at times. IT decision makers have to consider various aspects, such as security, reliability, compatibility, and data sovereignty, among other things.

With VMware and the vCloud Air Network, it doesn’t always have to be so tough..

Introducing Cloud Seeker, an exciting and informative adventure to the Cloud! In this game for your mobile device (iOS and Android supported), you take on the role of the Cloud Seeker, on a mission to discover your ideal public or hybrid cloud with the vCloud Air Network.


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vCloud Air vTech Talk: vCloud Air Management Tools

Keeping your data center’s virtual machines running and ready to go is a full time job, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a hard job. With VMware vCloud® Air™, you have a full suite of management and automation tools ready to make your job easier.

In this episode of our vCloud vTech Talk video series highlighting tips, tricks and resources for all things vCloud Air, Simon Momber covers the various tools available to vCloud Air users.

For example, vMotion lets you migrate virtual machines from one physical server to another while they’re running. It’s live migration with zero downtime, continuous service availability and complete transaction integrity through vCloud Air.

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Are You Ready for a Hybrid Cloud?

You’ve virtualized your onsite data center and seen the benefits. Maybe you’ve even invested in a private cloud. Looking at the long term, though, you’d like an alternative that takes advantage of a public cloud. Or you may be looking at options for cloud bursting – the on-demand access to a very large pool of resources without investing in capex. And you’d like to manage these alternatives the same way you manage applications in your data center today, and get equal, or even improved, performance.

VMware addresses these challenges with the VMware vCloud® Air™  cloud solution. vCloud Air is a true hybrid cloud that is owned and operated by VMware. A vCloud Air deployment lets you run your applications in the cloud without modification, and manage them from a single location using familiar tools. VMware provides comprehensive support for the entire environment.

Are you ready to take advantage of a hybrid cloud? To make that call, you’ll need to assess your needs and your infrastructure.

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VMworld 2015 Forecast: Bright with a Chance of (Hybrid) Clouds

Summer is halfway over but here at VMware the fun is just getting started. That’s because the vCloud Air team is gearing up for VMworld 2015 and just like our theme this year, we’re “Ready for Any.”

Ready for Any

As always, VMworld 2015 will be packed with enough deep dives and inspirational highlights to give even the most cynical convention-goer a serious case of FOMO. To help you stay on top of it, our team has put together an insider’s view of what to put on your not-to-be-missed list.

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vCloud vTech Talk: Home Lab without the Hassle

With VMware vCloud® Air™, lab testing has never been easier. Let’s turn to another episode of vCloud Tech Talk to find out why.

In this episode of vCloud vTech Talk, our series highlighting tips, tricks and resources for all thing vCloud Air, Jenny Fong, Marketing Manager for vCloud Air, discusses why vCloud Air is a suitable replacement for home labs and how you can use it to test the latest VMware technologies. You can watch the video here or in the vCloud Air Community.

vtech talk home lab

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Our vCloud Air Caption Contest is Back! Win a Drone by Making Scott Adams Chuckle

If there’s something to be said about dry office humor, Dilbert has said it. But what about dry public cloud humor? (Like what? A light fog? Ba-dum-tish.)

Last year we asked Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, to draw us a strip. It was a simple strip, but something was missing: your voice. So we ran a contest. One where we asked you to fill in the blank on last year’s comic. And, boy, did you.

In fact, your entries were so great that we decided to run another VMware vCloud® Air™-themed contest. Here’s how to play:

  • Visit this page and fill out a short form
  • Enter your caption directly into the comic and click “submit”
  • From there, your caption will be tweeted right from your Twitter account
  • Make sure your tweet has the #vDilbert hashtag to be eligible to win
  • Submit as many captions as you like! You only have to fill out the form once

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