Know what time it is? Time to put your thinking cap on for the vCloud Air Challenge.


This is your chance to prove you’re a vCloud Air brainiac and take home a new smart watch! We’ve put together a test that only the cleverest of techies would ever attempt, full of questions about things like cloud architecture, virtual-only networking, and extending on-premises workloads.

Be sure to whip out your whiteboards and start strategizing around these dates:

  • Quiz 1: October 21-Nov 3
  • Quiz 2: Nov 4-Nov 17
  • Quiz 3: Nov 18-Dec 2

The challenge starts with Quiz 1 runs through November 3. There are three quizzes in all, one offered each week, so you have three chances to prove your cloud smarts. Since each quiz is only six questions, you can take it whenever you have a few free minutes. To make it worth your while, we’re offering a chance to win a new Apple or Samsung smart watch.

You have only one chance to ace each quiz, so be sure to take advantage of all the resources on all things vCloud Air (although you can get a few hints along the way). If you’re ready to prove your mastery of the most secure, seamlessly compatible, agility enhancing public cloud solution, sign up here to get started.

We’ll announce winners across our social channels at the end of each challenge, so be sure to follow @vCloud on Twitter or ‘like’ us on Facebook to see if you’ve won.

Take the challenge today!

For more information about vCloud Air, visit, and keep an eye on the blog for upcoming tips and best practices for using vCloud Air.