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Week-in-Review-990x200-v4We’re excited to share everything that happened on the blog this past week! Learn how the cloud is transforming businesses, creating partnerships, and more. Here’s the past week in review:

Fusion Business Solutions Turns to iland and VMware to Round Out IT Offerings

Fusion Business Solutions wanted to round out their service offerings and turned to vCloud Air Network provider iland for help. Read what happened next.

Cloud Computing is Here to Stay

As more IT professionals realize the advantage of the cloud, a whole new world of business opportunities is unfolding. Discover why cloud computing isn’t going anywhere.

vCloud Air Academy: Check Out Our Exclusive vCloud Air eBook Featuring Dilbert

If you’re just getting started with the cloud, you need some technical building blocks to get started. That’s where our latest eBook featuring Dilbert comes in. Download the eBook for an in-depth look at the vCloud Air service.

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