Flash back to the vCloud Hybrid Service Launch – the day that VMware announced innovative new technology that marries the reliability and agility of the private cloud with the public cloud. Built on the same infrastructure customers are already used to in their internal data centers, the vCloud Hybrid Service offers customers the ability to seamlessly extend their data centers to the cloud with ease.

But what do VMware developers and users actually have to say about the vCloud Hybrid Service? Some highlights:

On Seamless Extension with vCloud Hybrid Service:

  • “Write an app once and deploy anywhere.” – VMware’s Bill Fathers, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Hybrid Cloud Business Unit, on the benefits of seamlessly extending existing environments into the public cloud with the vCloud Hybrid Service.
  • “The idea of things being seamless is pretty powerful….we can use the same management tools that we’re all trained in. All the same operational procedures that my organization has been using the past 10 years will just translate directly to us using a public cloud in some fashion, or hybrid cloud.” – Bob Plankers, Virtualization and Cloud Architect of the University of Wisconsin-Madison

On Ease of Use:

  • “The skill set that the administrator or engineer needs is relatively already there. There are not a lot of new bits and pieces that you have to adopt in order to start working with the vCloud Hybrid Service.” – Chris Wahl, Senior Data Center Engineer at Ahead
  • “Turning that capital expense of [running infrastructure] into an operational expense line item in our budgets is a very compelling thing. Now keeping that operational expense line item simple and predictable, that’s going to be a big plus.” – Patrick Tickle, EVP of Products, Planview

Data, Data, Data:

  • “The most important thing I heard today was extending services from on-premise to the cloud. That one thing is a big challenge for companies because data is their life. Data is their assets.” Dr. Spincer Koh, CEO, Gorilla Technology Group.
  •  “It’s not just extending for capacity, but being able to extend the exact same environment is going to be key now to help the customers move data around…When it comes down to it – it’s all about data. That’s what cloud and even traditional infrastructure is.” – Ricky Santos, VP of Cloud and Technology Services at Presidio

The vCloud Hybrid Service is about simplifying data and providing safer and more expedient ways of using it. Watch the video below and see for yourself what people are saying about the vCloud Hybrid Service and how its adoption will help organizations meet their business needs:

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