Adding a cloud platform to your existing IT environment can often “cloud” the management of your IT resources, requiring the use of multiple management tools, which can be both confusing and labor intensive. To alleviate this, VMware enables you to leverage existing investments, processes and expertise with a hybrid cloud model that lowers your cost of ownership, while increasing productivity levels.

Are you an IT Practitioner looking to simplify the management of your resources?

Then don’t miss out on next Thursday’s webcast with VMware, where cloud experts will show you how easy it is to write, deploy, and manage applications the same way you do in your onsite data center, without having to make changes or additional investments!

We invite you to join this webcast to see how you can simplify management across your data center and the cloud using the vCloud Hybrid Service.

During the webcast, you’ll learn how to:

  • Manage your cloud resources with your choice of VMware management tools (including vCloud Automation Center, vCloud Application Director, VMware vCenter Hyperic, and vCloud Configuration Manager);
  • Administer vCloud Hybrid Service resources using the VMware vSphere Web Client;
  • Streamline the administration and consumption of resources across vSphere and vCloud Hybrid Service;

To those looking to simplify their IT resources across the data center and cloud, register for the webcast today!

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