The only thing worse than overspending your cloud budget, is underspending it.

As the calendar year closes out, scores of IT and Finance departments are working together to project and plan for budgetary spend in 2014. For anyone underspending in 2013, the claim you need the same or more budget in 2014 (whilst other departments are being cut) becomes very difficult to justify. Add to that the fact that the purpose of IT is to provide services to your employees, then, if your underspend is exposed, any quality of service issues may be highlighted further.

Consider the fact that underspending is much more difficult to remedy than overspending. Once overspending is uncovered, tactics to cut and delay can rapidly be deployed. However, with underspend, quickly starting or re-starting projects and activities can be extremely challenging due to resources, legal contracts, purchase orders, approvals and the list goes on.

If you need to ensure your cloud budget is spent according to plan, then the VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program is the answer. The VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program provides a method for you to purchase and manage public or hybrid cloud spending in one upfront transaction. Cloud Credits enable an easy on-ramp to the cloud and create a mechanism to control consumption of cloud services by the business with approved vCloud Service Providers. In summary, VMware Cloud Credits give you increased budget flexibility, as well as the ability to maintain control and visibility of your cloud spend through your My VMware account.

The VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program can help with these factors:

  • Budgeting: You can purchase Cloud Credits standalone or include them in Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs) and redeem them over time.
  • Risk: Use My VMware or to filter vCloud Service Providers approved for Cloud Credits redemption.
  • Control: Use My VMware to centrally manage or allocate Cloud Credits to the Business
  • Compatibility: Cloud Credits are redeemed with approved vCloud Service Providers running the same VMware technology off-premise as you use in your data center.
  • Agility: The Business redeems Cloud Credits with fast provisioning vCloud Service Providers as demand dictates.
  • Management: My VMware provides a single-pane-of-glass for public and hybrid cloud spend through Cloud Credits alongside the already familiar perpetual license view
  • Security:  By redeeming your Cloud Credits with approved vCloud Service Providers, IT can ensure the business has a choice of providers yet maintains control by ensuring only relevant providers can be chosen – which eliminates rogue cloud spend.

Find out more about VMware Cloud Credits if you’re looking to spend your 2013 cloud budget now and redeem cloud services in 2014 as business dictates.