Building on the promise of centralized management and a unified interface for managing your Hybrid Cloud, VMware is excited to announce the General Availability of the new vCloud® Hybrid Service™ vSphere® Client plug-in 1.0.

With this free plugin you can view and manage the vCloud Hybrid Service directly from the vSphere Web Client, the same interface you use to manage your vSphere environment.  You can deploy Virtual Machines, create and configure Virtual Data Centers, access remote console and more.

The vCloud Hybrid Service vSphere Plug-in works with vSphere 5.1 and vSphere 5.5,  and marks a milestone for VMware’s hybrid-first approach. Our objective is to make it as easy to manage your VMs and workloads in vCHS as it is in vSphere – if not simpler. You can keep the same tools and approach you use today, without having to re-architect your operations.

The Software-Defined Data Center of tomorrow is here today, and the vCloud Hybrid Service vSphere Plugin is the next step in bringing the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud into the hands of vSphere admins everywhere.

vCloud Hybrid Service subscribers can download the free plugin here today!