VMware is pleased to announce v5.6 of our vCloud Hybrid Service extensions for the vCloud API.  This release aims to provide API-level access to essential vCloud Hybrid Service functionality including:

  • Access to virtual data centers across all dedicated and virtual private clouds
  • Creation of virtual machines from catalog templates
  • Powering on/off of virtual machines
  • Modifying network configuration, including firewall rules

The combination of these extensions and the vCloud APIs allows developers to create RESTful solutions on top of vCloud Hybrid Service. With these APIs, you can programmatically control and automate repetitive tasks to increase your operational efficiency.

Sample docs available!  Hello vCloud Hybrid Service: A RESTful Workflow

A note on vCloud Hybrid Service defined custom vCloud API roles: Roles for the APIs for Cloud Automation

The vCloud Hybrid Service team has compiled documentation on the VMware Communities page to illustrate basic usage of these APIs, which can be found here:

The above link contains documentation and reference materials to help you start working with the vCloud Hybrid Service extensions.  We will be performing milestone releases on a regular cadence and will also be releasing a samples repository to illustrate usage.  In the upcoming weeks we will also be publishing a video walkthrough of the APIs to illustrate exactly how they can be used to access information traditionally only available via the service console.   Make sure you check back for regular updates.

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