By David Davis

Today was the first official day of VMworld 2013 in Barcelona (I’ll call it “Day 1”). If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the first article in this series “Day 0 Wrap-Up” that was already posted.

Day 1 Keynote

This morning was the “day 1 keynote”, also called the “general session” and it was a good one (In fact, some said even better than San Francisco). It started out with the incredible laser light show that you might have seen in VMworld. The announcement made (along with the lasers) was that it was “time to approach the entire datacenter as one virtualized and automated machine”. That is a good description of what the software defined datacenter (SDDC) is and where VMware wants enterprises to transition to.

First to take the stage was Maurizio Carli, VMware’s Senior VP and General Manager for EMRA. He was a passionate speaker and, as this is a European show, I’m sure the mostly European audience related him better than other US-based VMware executives. Maurizio made jokes and even poked fun at Citrix for cancelling their European show this year. He announced that VMworld Europe 2013 had over 8,500 attendees. He went through the history of VMware and through the virtualization journey, specifically pointing out that VMware’s survey’s show that VMware customers are making progress on this journey between 2012 and 2013.


He announced that VMware was opening vCloud Hybrid Service datacenters in Europe (which was met by applause).

Next to take the stage was VMware’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger. I personally enjoyed Pat’s Q&A format that he used as he brought up one special guest after the other. Pat announced that VMware had been selected as the #3 most innovative company by Forbes magazine for 2013. One of the guests was the new VMware GM of End-User-Computing, Sanjay Poonen (former SAP executive) who made the announcement that VMware had acquired Desktone (something announcements minutes earlier on Twitter by Gartner analyst Gunnar Berger). I’m sure that Desktone’s solution will be the missing link that allows VMware to offer “desktop as a service / DaaS” in vCloud Hybrid Service.


Next, Pat had special guest Thierry Breton, Chairman and CEO of ATOS. Breton spoke about the value of VMware’s cloud computing solution.

Then, Pat invited VMware CTO of Networking, Martin Casado to speak about VMware NSX. After explaining the value of NSX, Casado announced that VMware’s NSX is now officially general availability (GA) – something met with excitement from the audience. Martin explained that the tipping point for server virtualization was when there were more virtualized servers than physical and that the same has occurred with networking with there being more virtual network ports than physical.


Finally, Pat made the announcement of the following major new VMware management products:

  • VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced 5.5 – which provides greater backup scalability with integration to EMC Data Domain systems, enhanced recovery with offsite backup data replication and automated backup verification in isolation, and improved application-awareness with a new agent for Microsoft SharePoint and mailbox-level recovery for the existing Microsoft Exchange agent.

One of the major themes for these new management products is “any cloud, any platform”, which is similar in theme to the vCloud Hybrid theme of “Any App, Any Place. No Compromises”.


Sessions & Solutions Exchange

After the keynote, the major draw for the 8000-strong was the sessions and the solutions exchange. Some of the great vCloud sessions were:

  • VAPP4683 – Maximize Database Performance in Your Software-Defined Datacenter with Michael Webster and Andrew Mitchell
  • PHC5020 – VMW Customer Hybrid Cloud with a VMW SP Public Cloud with Bart Schneider
  • PHC5070 – vCloud Hybrid Service Jump Start Part One of Five: vCloud Hybrid Service: Architecture and Consumption Principles with Massimo Re Ferre’
  • PHC4783 – How To Build Your Hybrid Cloud and Consume the Public Cloud with Michael Roy and Chris Colotti

The solutions exchange offers no shortage of datacenter products with a lot of excitement around VMware’s products including vCenter Ops, Log Insight, vCAC, and vCloud Hybrid Service.



In my next update, look for information on the “Day 2” keynote, and more!

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