Following the excitement of VMworld 2013 and the announcement of the general availability of the vCloud Hybrid Service, there has been much buzz around the vCloud Hybrid Service and how it positions VMware as a prominent player in accelerating enterprise adoption of public cloud and hybrid cloud solutions.

When it comes to virtualization inside enterprise data centers, VMware has its game on lock, but now we’re looking to push things further and help all of our enterprise customers use public cloud infrastructure, by providing them with a solution that’s compatible with their existing IT infrastructure. For dedicated VMware customers, the ability to seamlessly access virtualized resources in the data center and out in the cloud allows them to more cost-effectively manage computing resources in the face of shifting demand for capacity.

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On Monday, September 9th at 9:50am, Mathew Lodge, VP of Cloud Services at VMware, will be speaking during a “Fireside Chat” in the Grand Ballroom at CloudBeat about what happens “When Clouds Escape Your Data Center”!

In this “Fireside Chat”, Mathew Lodge will be joined on stage by Christian Reilly, Manager EPC Systems at Bechtel, and Christopher Rence, CIO of Digital River. Want to know what works for enterprises when it comes to hybrid cloud adoption or how vCloud positions VMware to build upon the advantage it already has inside the enterprise?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear today’s cloud thought leaders discuss these topics and more!

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