After our Google+ Hangout where we provided a technical deep-dive into the new vCloud Hybrid Service on July 16th, we hope that everyone is more familiar with our new hybrid cloud offering. Hosted by Mathew Lodge, Vice President of Cloud Services at VMware and joined by co-panelists Jerry Sanchez, Vice President of Hosting Operations at Planview, Greg Herzog, Architect of Cloud Hybrid Solutions and Rob Engle Systems Engineer of Cloud Hybrid Solutions, we took viewers into the minds of both creators and users of the vCloud Hybrid Service, giving our audience a better understanding of what the service can actually do.

The panel began by addressing general questions concerning usability and technical mechanisms behind the vCloud Hybrid Service, then proceeded to tackle questions submitted to @vCloud during the Hangout. We received a variety of questions, ranging from how affordable the vCloud Hybrid Service is, to how the service can handle data that must be transferred through regional regulations.

Three main themes covered during the technical deep-dive:

  • Integration of vCloud Hybrid Service with Your Existing Infrastructure: Our public cloud can be seamlessly integrated into any internal infrastructure already used by VMware customers. The vCloud Hybrid Service is also compatible with existing systems and applications, even those yet to be developed.
  •  vCloud Hybrid Service and Business: Jerry Sanchez discussed how vCloud Hybrid Service is a key asset to the work at Planview and also answered questions regarding the affordability of the service and the benefits of utilizing a public cloud. The conclusion? vCloud Hybrid Service is worth every penny.
  • Technical Components Behind the vCloud Hybrid Service: Our experts gave our viewers an in-depth look at the features and functionality of the product, explaining how to connect, transfer, organize, and sync everything with the hybrid cloud. Testimony from the VMware research lab and from user experience provided well-rounded responses to audience questions.

Here are some highlights from Twitter related to the Google+ Hangout:

Thank you to everyone who was able to join last week for the technical deep-dive into the vCloud Hybrid Service! We hope that the panelists were able to answer your lingering questions and give you the opportunity to understand the efficiency and convenience of the vCloud Hybrid Service.

Check out the recording from the technical-deep dive via VMware TV:

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