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The forecast is in, and it looks like Another VMware Cloud is back in the air with the City of Melrose’s journey to the hybrid cloud! Last year, the Another VMware Cloud program highlighted stories from customers that successfully made the move to the private, public or hybrid cloud with VMware. Stay tuned here every other week, as we highlight more hybrid cloud success stories from our vCloud Hybrid Service customers!

By choosing the vCloud Hybrid Service, the City of Melrose was “able to realize our cloud vision in days rather than months – much faster than if we’d gone with a different cloud vendor,” says Jorge Pazos, CIO of the City of Melrose.

Melrose, Massachusetts was in a dilemma. Growing volumes of data and applications were making it difficult for the city to stay on top of its accelerating data growth, as well as user demands for more applications and services. Being a provider of internal IT services and a regional cloud provider, they were in need of a cloud that was able to address:

  • Infrastructure capacity storage, test/dev/QA environment needs;
  • The need for a secondary data center location;
  • Corporate initiative to adopt public/hybrid cloud;
  • A flexible infrastructure to accommodate for growth;
  • The ability to spin workloads into the cloud as an off-site data center.

So Melrose looked to cloud providers. One of the first things Pazos and his colleagues found was that many of them were not VMware-based, which was a challenge. They wanted a solution based on the same platform that they were using internally, given their widespread deployment of VMware Hypervisor. “We wanted the solution to work with what we were already running – VMware vSphere,” said Pazos. The City of Melrose wanted to move many of their data center operations to the cloud to minimize the amount of hardware purchased, and thereby limit most of their costs to operational ones.

Enter the vCloud Hybrid Service. On why the City of Melrose decided to consider the vCloud Hybrid Service, Colby Cousens, IT Systems Administrator of the City of Melrose explains, “The vCloud Hybrid Service was really unique in that it interacted well with the secure multi-tenant environment we had deployed internally… Because we were already using vSphere, it was easy to scale our data center out with the vCloud Hybrid Service… One of the great benefits of the vCloud Hybrid service is that there are a lot of customers already integrated on the vSphere platform and they’re going to be familiar with it.”

The vCloud Hybrid Service was able to address three of the City of Melrose’s main priorities – interoperability, performance, and security. Pazos further shares, “The vCloud Hybrid Service addressed the interoperability question for us. It’s a VMware-based cloud, it has a lot of the native features,” making the City of Melrose’s transition to the cloud as seamless and easy as possible. They were also able to compete as a managed service provider, delivering IT infrastructure and applications to nearby towns.

Through the vCloud Hybrid Service, the City of Melrose was able to realize:

  • Support for both existing, as well as new applications;
  • A fully allocated cloud environment with resource isolation;
  • Compatibility with current on-premise workloads.

Cousens and Pazos were not the only ones satisfied with the service. “IT is really all about customer services,” Cousens quipped. “VMware has made it possible for us to keep more than 1,000 employees and 3,700 students happy – and that’s not counting our municipal customers.

Pazos later remarked, “What excites us about moving to a hybrid cloud is the possibilities. We have some pretty ambitious goals. Having that ability to leverage cloud infrastructure is important to us, because infrastructure is literally our business.”

So what’s next for the City of Melrose?

Pazos sees his IT department as an entrepreneurial startup, with Melrose acting as a venture capitalist funding its growth. “I think we will eventually be able to sell enough IT services to other cities so that the citizens of the City of Melrose are not paying a dime,” he says. “And VMware is driving that innovation.

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