In today’s economy, it’s of paramount importance for businesses to be able to scale rapidly in order to meet changing business demands.  However, it may be difficult for IT to meet a business unit’s requirements because of slow provisioning times. The business will look for alternatives to ensure they are able to meet deadlines, leading to rogue spend as some public cloud providers can make it easy for the business to side-step IT, swipe a credit card and consume cloud. This can be a big problem for organizations! Rogue IT spend can create significant issues for businesses, such as increased security and compliance risk, reduced cost visibility and management overhead resulting from cloud sprawl.

However, there is a solution that increases business agility and provides for IT control – the VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program!

The VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program provides a method for you to purchase and manage public or hybrid cloud spending in one transaction. Take advantage of budgeting or project cycles to pre-purchase cloud services, and then redeem the credits when business demand dictates. Cloud Credits enable an easy on-ramp to the cloud and create a mechanism to control consumption of cloud services by the business with approved vCloud Service Providers. The net result allows your business to take advantage of cloud economics to improve business agility, while reducing IT capital expenditures on new equipment. In summary, VMware Cloud Credits give you increased budget flexibility, as well as the ability to maintain control and visibility of your cloud spend through your My VMware account.

Areas where the VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program can help enable your journey to the cloud:

  • Budgeting: You can purchase Cloud Credits standalone or include them in Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs), enabling you to redeem them over time.
  • Risk: Use My VMware to filter vCloud Service Providers approved for Cloud Credits redemption.
  • Control: Use My VMware to allocate Cloud Credits to the Business and report usage.
  • Compatibility: Cloud Credits are redeemed with vCloud Service Providers running the same VMware technology off-premise as you use in your data center.
  • Agility: The Business redeems Cloud Credits with fast provisioning vCloud Service Providers as demand dictates.
  • Management: My VMware provides a single-pane-of-glass for public and hybrid cloud spend through Cloud Credits alongside the already familiar perpetual license view.

So get started with Cloud Credits today! Here’s how:

  1. Work with your VMware Solution Provider to identify your public or hybrid cloud needs, and then purchase Cloud Credits in line with your requirements. Cloud Credits are available for purchase globally and can be included in ELAs.
  2. Establish Cloud Credit funds and fund owners through the My VMware portal.
  3. Consult with your Solution Provider to select an approved VMware vCloud Service Provider and determine the appropriate service requirements.
  4. Consume cloud services from your chosen vCloud Service Provider and approve the redemption of credits towards cloud usage through the My VMware portal.

Eliminate rogue IT spend and reduce cloud sprawl by taking advantage of the VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program today.

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