This is a guest post from vCloud Service Provider, Logicalis.

By: Steve Pelletier

Have you ever had an IT project that you thought would be ideal to put into a public cloud except for one or two requirements that cloud providers just can’t seem to meet?  I like to refer to these as “mostly cloudy” projects.  As Logicalis has developed its public cloud infrastructure, we’ve had many customers approach us with just this type of project.  An increasingly large proportion of those clients are ISVs who want to focus on their software development and move the hosting of their platform to the cloud.  But there’s an important problem preventing them from doing just that: public clouds typically don’t offer any custom options.

Most public cloud providers believe that standardization is the only way to provide cost benefits on a large scale.  Standardized hardware, automation, management levels – all of these standard tools and functions and more are typically put in place to make a public cloud environment both very efficient and highly repeatable.  Typical public clouds can’t be all things to all people, but they strive to be most things to many.  The problem is, this leaves those “mostly cloudy” projects with no place to turn in the public cloud.

At Logicalis, however, we take a much more consultative approach to everything we do, including our public cloud infrastructure.  We’re working to accommodate these kinds of mostly cloudy projects by deploying dedicated cloud environments.  By applying the same managed services practices that are used in remote management scenarios, Logicalis can provide the appropriate dedicated hardware and management levels as well as the custom requirements many clients need – things which would otherwise have prevented the solution from being hosted in a public cloud.  Logicalis can incorporate custom hardware requirements, higher SLAs, and enhanced security requirements, as well as other customized functions such as allowing a client access to the underlying virtualization and physical layers.  At Logicalis, we’re using our experience running a VMware-based public cloud – the Logicalis Enterprise Cloud – as well as our considerable expertise as a managed service provider to accommodate many of the unique requirements that traditional public clouds simply can’t deliver.

This makes Logicalis’ public cloud and dedicated cloud solutions, built on a VMware platform, ideal for ISVs that are looking to move their applications into the cloud.  Logicalis can provide a robust environment that takes advantage of all of VMware’s functionality to meet the unique requirements of providing a SaaS-based solution.  This allows ISVs to focus on the development and support of their applications without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

If the forecast for your project is “mostly cloudy,” a dedicated public cloud solution may be the answer.

Steve Pelletier is a solution architect for Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider (