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When discussing the benefits of moving to the cloud, Patrik Menne, Senior Consultant at 7P, shares, “There is no hard-and-fast rule as to how much someone will save or the magnitude of the benefit. But it does make economic sense for all of our customers. It is not a question of whether you will save, it is just a question of how much.” 

Seven Principles Solutions & Consulting AG (7P) is an IT services and consulting company based in Cologne, Germany that helps clients create and implement cloud strategy and migrate applications. Many 7P clients are in the telecommunications business, including several large mobile carriers. These clients are involved with the development of applications that provide tools, services and updates on a large-scale, such as mobile-device updates – ideal candidates for virtualization in a cloud environment.

7P sought to partner with a cloud provider with multiple datacenters and top-notch security. Since 7P is an existing VMware partner and has used VMware technology for years as the most reliable and secure virtualization solution on the market, 7P also wanted its IaaS provider to be virtualized on the VMware platform. As Menne shares, “To serve our clients we wanted to partner with a trusted IaaS provider who, like us, is virtualized on the VMware platform. 

7P selected Colt as its IaaS provider, based on the company’s reputation, broad international footprint and use of VMware vCloud technology. Colt not only met all of 7P’s requirements, but also provided additional options to use its infrastructure or services in ways that enable 7P to broaden its customer solutions. Of Colt Menne says, “Colt is very well-known and respected in Europe. It has infrastructure and datacenters in most large countries – and that is key for many regulations.”

Through 7P’s demonstration and testing lab at Colt, the company is able to show customers how the cloud solution works and demonstrate a variety of cloud-solution options.  Furthermore, by partnering with Colt, 7P has been able to achieve the following:

  • Meet customer SLAs and security requirements;
  • Enable faster time to market;
  • And enable cost reductions.

According to Menne, one of 7P’s telecommunications clients was able to realize a 30% savings by moving to the cloud. 

“I firmly believe over the next three years, there will be an infrastructure revolution and the cloud is at the heart of it,” Menne says. “With technology advancements and the reality of how secure they are, the only decision will be what type of cloud strategy a company will institute.”

So what’s next for 7P? Currently, most 7P clients are focused on moving applications and services, which don’t hold customer data, to the cloud. But with growing confidence in security and operations, several clients are considering cloud-based applications that do include customer data.

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