By: Alicia Gaba, Marketing Manager at Bluelock

Enterprise companies just don’t change on a dime.  Much like a cruise ship, it takes planning, teamwork and a good amount of elbow-grease to turn that ship in a new direction. The same analogy holds true when changing the direction of your enterprise IT department and beginning to invite cloud, or public cloud, into your course of action.

As 2012 comes to a close you could be sitting in any number of states.  Maybe you already have a private cloud or use SaaS but think you can leverage public cloud for some workloads to increase overall efficiency.  Maybe you aren’t using cloud at all yet but are hearing more employees and coworkers asking why and when it will come.

Regardless of where you’re sitting today, if you hope to make adjustments to your strategy in 2013, now is the time to budget and plan for that change.  Not six months from now when your leftover dollars aren’t enough to do the job well, but right now when you can plan with the help of the foresight of experts and the hindsight of successful companies who have gone before you.

Bluelock CTO Pat O’Day wants to help your company plan and budget for 2013 with an eye on cloud.  Join O’Day for this action-filled webinar that will feed you immediate helpful information you can put to use the same day.

30 Minutes to Success: How to Plan and Budget for 2013 with Cloud in Mind
Thursday, November 29, 2012 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT.

In this 30-minute webinar O’Day will discuss how to approach the planning process and bring the vision to your business. O’Day, using years of experience utilizing new technologies to solve business and IT pain points, will help you create a cloud strategy that serves not only your needs, but also the broader needs of the business.

Once you formalize a plan, linking dollar amounts to that plan in your budget is the next step. O’Day will walk attendees through the components of public cloud and private cloud, approaches to adopting each and what should be considered when budgeting for those initiatives.  He’ll augment the raw facts with stories of how other companies use cloud and allocate the components of cloud in their budgets successfully.  Finally, drawn from case study examples, he’ll give you an expanded list of budget items to consider that other companies wish they had known in advance.

This 30-minute webinar is all about action; so here’s what you will walk away from this 30 minute webinar with the skills to:

  • Create a solid plan for moving your cloud mission forward
  • Identify how to approach and integrate cloud into your budget
  • Know how to identify the actual dollar amounts you should budget for

One lucky attendee will also leave the webinar with a new iPad Mini to enjoy this holiday season. Seating is limited, so register today!