According to David Janusz, IT Architect at Experian, “Implementing infrastructure-as-a-service through VMware vCloud is the next phase in the evolution of virtualization technology. This technology puts even more of the power of virtualization into the hands of VMware customers, and it does so with intelligence and ease.” Whereas the provisioning of development resources could take as long as 11 weeks, virtualization can trim this cycle to a matter of days. VMware vCloud, in many cases, can cut provisioning time even further, to mere minutes.

While consumers know Experian as a provider of credit reporting services, lenders and other businesses know Experian as a provider of information, analytical tools and other marketing services, to organizations in over 80 countries around the world. Experian knew for some time that it wanted to move to an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) approach to provisioning IT resources, as developers at the company knew that cloud computing supports the flexibility and agility they need to decrease time-to-market and respond more nimbly to business requests.

As a long-time VMware virtualization customer, it was a natural decision to look at VMware vCloud first for their cloud solution. They liked what they saw. According to Janusz, vCloud met the company’s criteria for the following reasons:

  • Comes with a pre-existing portal with a user-friendly interface;
  • Allows users to publish applications that are offered through a catalogue;
  • Offerings can be configured to meet differing levels of service;
  • Met the company’s security needs;
  • And it ties into Experian’s VMware vSphere estate, so it leverages the company’s existing virtualized infrastructure.

Experian decided to first deploy a test case instance of VMware vCloud technology to validate its initial evaluation of the solution functionality. Once the test instance of VMware vCloud was live, select Experian developers were invited to try it. They found that they could provision IT environments, both simple and complex, in just minutes. “Developers became comfortable immediately with VMware vCloud technology’s self-service provisioning portal. They found the interface intuitive and user-friendly.”

With the vCloud proof of concept a success, the team now plans to fully realize its vision and build a private cloud-based IaaS model to support its test and development organization. “We will have a dynamic development environment,” shares Janusz. “Our developers will be able to quickly choose from pre-existing templates of approved configurations of operating systems and applications software. They’ll pick what they need, deploy it, run with it and destroy it if they need to.”

Once fully deployed, the VMware vCloud portal will be available to all of Experian’s developers worldwide. Experian expects that by streamlining the provisioning of IT resources, vCloud will help the company reduce project timelines and reduce time-to-market.  Furthermore, Janusz also views Experian’s VMware vCloud Director implementation as a way for the company to deepen its understand of cloud technology in general – including the public cloud.

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