According to Bryan Bond, Senior Systems Administrator at eMeter, a Siemens Business, “The biggest thing cloud has done for us is give us the elasticity that we did not have before.” Through the company’s VMware-based hybrid cloud deployment, eMeter can now easily spin up or down data center services in multiple countries, based on business demand and need.

eMeter is an enterprise software developer, producing software for utilities across the United States and other countries. Because eMeter is a global company, users around the world need to access the company’s infrastructure at all hours of the day. The company first started looking at the cloud in order to solve the problem of standardization, so that users across the globe could access the same systems without encountering performance issues.

With vCloud Director, eMeter was able to clone and duplicate their systems at different places and at different times, thereby shifting the company’s business paradigm, as they no longer needed to buy hardware in remote locations.

Bond shares, “Being able to immediately put something in place allows us to do rapid prototyping and test case scenarios with our customers, because we can do something for a short period of time quickly and be done with it and not have to spend a ton of money on a piece of hardware that we’re going to have to live with, whether or not we use it.

After going through the challenging process of choosing a cloud provider, eMeter learned about Bluelock and reached out to the company at VMworld 2011. According to Bond, they knew immediately that they were on the right track, because as a vCloud Datacenter partner, Bluelock’s vCloud infrastructure was already compatible with eMeter’s existing in-house vCloud Director-based systems.

With Bluelock, there was no need to change the way the company did things, no need to spend their money differently and no need to learn new skills – Bluelock’s vCloud infrastructure became an extension of the company’s own skillsets and data centers, simplifying the company’s transition to a hybrid cloud. Of Bluelock, Bond shares, “we’re customers for life at this point.”

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