By: Chris Colotti, Consulting Architect, VMware Global Center of Excellence

This is a repost from Chris' personal blog,


Below is a recording of the session I did in January 2012 at Gillette Stadium with Paul Lembo called “Building your cloud with vCloud Director”.  I finally got a copy of the session and wanted to share it for those that could not make it to that event.  It was well received – thanks to Chris Harney for getting me the session video.  It takes a slightly different approach than the one done at VMworld and Partner Exchange.

One thing that was really funny about this session is that the stadium apparently pipes the audio into the restrooms.  I found out later that many people thought I was in both the Men’s and Ladies rooms just talking to myself.  I guess you had to be there, but it was pretty funny to find that out after the fact.  As we know the Patriots did beat the Ravens, but we won’t talk about the SuperBowl outcome.




Chris is a Consulting Architect with the VMware vCloud Delivery Services team with over 10 years of experience working with IT hardware and software solutions. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems from the Daniel Webster College. Prior to VMware he served a Fortune 1000 company in southern NH as a Systems Architect/Administrator, architecting VMware solutions to support new application deployments. At VMware, in the roles of a Consultant and now Consulting Architect, Chris has guided partners as well as customers in establishing a VMware practice and consulted on multiple customer projects ranging from datacenter migrations to long-term residency architecture support. Currently, Chris is working on the newest VMware vCloud solutions and architectures for enterprise-wide private cloud deployments.