According to Chris Spence, Chief Technology Officer at the National Democratic Institute, "Our move to the cloud has not only allowed NDI to focus on our mission, which is safeguarding democracy around the world, but it has also saved us a lot of money and allowed us to provide tools to our partners, which better leverages their use of technology toward their individual goals in the countries we work." 

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization based in Washington, DC. The NDI works with groups in 70 countries around the world to strengthen and support democratic institutions, safeguard elections, and help citizens better participate in politics. With the advent of cloud technologies and the broad adoption of mobile devices around the world, the NDI has seen opportunities for technology to empower citizens, help them connect with each other, change the way they interact with government, and generally increase citizen participation in politics. 

The NDI decided to pilot a vCloud Director implementation with Bluelock's vCloud Datacenter Service in order to address the problem of application reusability. Rather than building the same software applications over and over for different partners in different countries, NDI's VMware cloud solution enabled them to template applications and put them in the cloud. 

“With VMware vCloud Director, we now have the option of deploying applications in clouds from Bluelock and other VMware vCloud Datacenter Services providers, cloning them, customizing them, and deploying them, without overtaxing our engineering team.”     


“VMware, Bluelock and NDI worked together to get the Virtual Datacenter up in just 48 hours and were able to complete the entire first phase of this project within just two months,” said Deepak Puri, Director of vCloud Business Development at VMware.

vCloud Director has proven to be the critical piece that enables NDI to serve applications to its constituents, as NDI can allocate computing resources as virtual datacenters, and provide access to those resources on an as-needed basis. Of their vCloud Director solution, Spence shares:

"It's really a no-brainer – it's cost savings, it's focus on mission, it's better allocation of resources, and at the end of the day, as your costs go down, your productivity and effectiveness is gonna go up." 

What’s next for NDI? The organization is now looking forward to moving their Disaster Recovery strategy to the cloud, seeing the potential for availability wins and a more coherent, cost-effective DR strategy. 

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