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VMworld was quite a busy week for us, as it was for most VMworld attendees. With all of the big announcements and activities that took place, we wanted to do a quick recap of our social media coverage during the event.

Breakout Sessions and Keynotes

If you follow @vCloud and @VMwareSP, you probably noticed our live-tweets from various sessions we attended during the conference. Here was our agenda for the week:  

CIM1436 Virtual SE Lab (vSEL): Building the VMware Hybrid Cloud
CIM2363 Building an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud for Dummies: 10 Steps (or Less)
CIM2520 IT as a Service: Leveraging Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds in Higher Education
CIM2750 Are All Clouds Commodity? Key Technical Considerations and Customer Experiences
CIM2561 Stuck Between Stations: From Traditional Datacenter to Internal Cloud
CIM3177 Cloud Architectures to Deliver Healthcare as a Service (HaaS)
CIM1264 Private VMware vCloud Architecture Technical Deep Dive
CIM2916 What's New in VMware vCloud Director
CIM1600 VMware vCloud Networking Finally Explained
CIM1644 The Path from Lab Manger to vCloud Director
CIM1302 Active Directory Considerations in a Multitenant Cloud Infrastructure 
CIM2231 Making Sense of VMware vShield and VMware vCloud for the Average System Administrator
CIM2343 Building a Real-Life High-Performance Financial Services Cloud: New York Stock Exchange Technologies
CIM2865 Escaping the Chaos Monkey: Enterprise in Comparison to Commodity Public Cloud
CIM4813 Real-World Cloud Experiences: Enterprise IT Leaders Discuss Public and Hybrid Cloud
CIM2140 Sneak Preview of Next-Generation VMware Hybrid Cloud Solutions 
CIM2204 Building a Multitenant Private Cloud: Dev/Test-as-a-Service Solutions from Federal Government
CIM2961 Federating VMware vCloud Services: How to Best Deploy Your Applications Among Multiple Cloud Service Providers Worldwide 

All of the sessions we attended were very informative and really articulated the direction towards hybrid cloud models that many enterprises are adapting to best meet their changing business needs, using VMware technology.

For example, in CIM2520, Link Alander of Lone Star College Systems discussed how the College’s 16 locations were faced with a multitude of problems in 2008, such as unreliable services and aged hardware. However, due to VMware virtualization and cloud technology, they were able to revamp their architecture and offer dynamic services to students and faculty with high availability, even during peak demands.

In CIM3177, Mariano Maluf of GNAX discussed HIT (healthcare IT) as a service, and how with vCloud Hybrid Cloud, GNAX has been able to build a completely new system around IT needs specific to healthcare. According to Maluf, “VMware cloud ecosystem is fundamentally different than other services, because it builds on enterprise-grade components.”

During Paul Maritz’s keynote, VMware customers NYSE Euronext, Revlon and Southwest discussed how VMware technology helped them reduce IT costs and focus on their business. James Staten commented that NYSE’s community cloud for financial services is a great vertical market solution and new revenue stream, while Vanessa Alvarez agreed, saying that it is an example of what really is to come for enterprises.

Revlon revealed that they were able to increase their capacity 500% and achieve $70 million in cost savings because of the cloud, as VMware technology has enabled them to take infrastructure out of the way of the business. Finally, Bob Young, VP and CTO of Southwest, discussed how 40% of the business’ infrastructure is virtualized, and how VMware’s automation tools allows them to deliver their services reliably and efficiently. 

Through these presentations, it has become apparent that a move towards hybrid cloud models is quickly becoming the move of choice for many enterprises across a variety of vertical markets. Bluelock CTO, Pat O’Day, featured a helpful slide during CIM2570 that explains the difference between public, private, and hybrid cloud:

And you can also watch Mathew Lodge and other cloud experts discuss cloud realities and hybrid cloud in one of SiliconANGLE’s videos in theCube at VMworld.

Key Announcements and Promotions

On Day 2 of VMworld, we wrote up a quick blog on the VMware announcements that had taken place thus far. VMware Horizon Mobile Manager, VMware View 5, VMware AppBlast, Project Octopus, and vCloud Global Connect are just a few of the announcements highlighted in the post that received a lot of buzz.

If you’re interested in learning more, Erik Scholten of also wrote-up a series of blog posts that discuss some of the cool product features available via VMware Horizon App Manager, VMware View 5, VMware AppBlast and Project Octopus

As a follow-up to our first blog, here are the announcements that took place later in the week: 


This was the first year we did #vTrivia, with some fun prizes up for grabs including VMware Nike hats, VMware USB Drives and Starbucks gift cards. 


Some of the questions we asked included, “How many stamps are needed to complete the Public Cloud Passport Program?” “What service did Dell announce with VMware this week?” and “Which companies shared their journey to the cloud during Monday’s opening keynote?” Here are pictures of our happy winners, @TXFoodGeek, @tomeppy, @forbesguthrie & @NWAPhotog showing off their new prizes:





We hosted our in-person #cloudtalk on Tuesday, during the VMworld Hall Crawl inside the VMware Theater. There was a great turnout, and we were glad to have VMware experts such as Dave Hill, Chris Colotti, Wade Holmes and many more in attendance. Here are some shots from the tweet-up: 



For more VMworld coverage:

For those who weren't able to attend VMworld Vegas, the journey doesn't end here, as VMworld Copenhagen is just around the corner. We’ll be posting more wrap-up content from VMworld Vegas, as well as announcements from VMworld Copenhagen, so be sure to follow @vCloud and @VMwareSP for future updates.