By Matt Sarrel

After playing around more with the Virtacore vCloud Express environment and thought I’d share a few insights that will make it easier to get started. 

The first important security feature that I noticed is the ability to declare multiple roles for administrators and assign privileges regarding the creation, movement, and maintenance of virtual machines.  In the screen shot below, only my initial user, admin, is listed.  In order to create a new user, I click the green New User button.


Users have the ability to administer virtual machines and virtual applications.  The process of adding a user is pretty straightforward – user name, password, contact info.  It’s possible to establish quotas for storage and deployment of virtual machines.  This is useful if multiple admins are bringing VM’s up and down for various projects in order to prevent one of them from grabbing all of the resources you’ve allocated.


If you’d like the new user to have full privileges in managing your Virtacore vCloud environment, then use the Role drop down at the bottom of the screen to select Organizational Administrator.

Now you can share your environment as necessary and have some control over who can do what on a VM level.

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Matthew D. Sarrel (or Matt Sarrel) is executive director of Sarrel Group, a technology product testing, editorial services, and technical marketing consulting company.  He also holds editorial positions at, eweek, GigaOM, and, and blogs at TopTechDog.