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Publishing vCloud Director User Interface Extensions

vCloud Director has been designed with extensibility in mind.  For many years now, developers have been able to extend the standard vCloud Director API, enabling Service Providers to provide a single point of integration to their customers.  The vCloud Director 9.1 release enhances this extensibility by allowing you to also extend the user interface with custom extensions, which enables you to add your own screens and workflows directly inside the vCloud Director HTML5 client.  For example, you could create a simple informational page displaying all of your service offerings, so that your customers can easily learn more about them.  Or with a little more effort, you could fully integrate your in-house ticketing system, allowing customers to create, view, edit and delete tickets without ever leaving the vCloud Director user interface.

To learn more about how to create your own user interface extensions, read the following two white papers: Extending VMware vCloud Director® User Interface Using Portal Extensibility and Extending VMware vCloud Director® User Interface Using Portal Extensibility – Ticketing Example.

This rest of this post assumes that you have already developed the desired code and are now ready to publish your extension into a vCloud Director environment.  Let’s walk through the process.

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