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vCAT Software Tools

The vCloud Software Tools document provides the reader with instructions on how to use some of the tools that are available for implementing, managing and reporting on your vCloud cloud environments.

vCloud Director Audit provides automated report generation against a vCloud Director deployment, providing you with details on how the vCloud environment is configured, provisioned and being consumed by the tenants of the cloud.

vCloud Provisioner provides an automated framework for describing the configuration requirements of the cloud being provisioned and the execution of that discription against a vCloud Director implementation in order to automatically create all of the underlying vCloud objects necessary to deliver the services described in the provisioner description.

Cloud Cleaner allows you to provision a vCloud Director instance on top of a vSphere environment, perform any testing or evaluation you may wish to carry out and then clean up anything performed against the vSphere environment by vCloud Director, returning the vSphere environment to a pre-vCloud Director state. This is useful when evaluating vCloud Director, or educating yourself on how vCloud Director is implemented on an underlying vSphere environment