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Feedback on the vCAT releases

The vCAT team is interested in hearing your feedback. We are here to further enable VMware vCloud planners, architects, implementors, admins, operators, and consumers.

How have you used vCAT?
How do you plan to use vCAT?
What would you like added?
Do you agree with the scope of technologies and level of coverage?
What technologies do you use in your cloud deployment(s)?
What technologies would you like to see added future releases?
Would you be interested in providing a quote in support of vCAT?
What are the challenges and successes you have encountered in cloud or VMware vCloud design, deployment, and operations?

These are some of the areas we would like to see you, our customers and partners, help us with as we further develop this tool to support you.

John Arrasjid. Principal Architect, VCDX-001