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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Introducing VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit for Service Providers

Just in time for VMworld Europe, we are pleased to announce the first release of the VMware vCloud® Architecture Toolkit for Service Providers (vCAT-SP). vCAT-SP is a set of reference documents and architectural notes designed to help VMware vCloud® Air™ Network Partners construct cloud platforms and service offerings leveraging current technologies, recommended practices and innovative tools that have been provisioned in real-world cloud service provider environments. Written by the vCloud Air Network Global Cloud Practice Architecture team and experts across VMware, vCAT-SP provides cloud service provider IT managers and architects recommended design and support solutions attested, validated and optimized – they represent the most efficient examples to help you make the right choices for your business.

Solution Stacks

VMware vCAT-SP is supported by the ‘VMware Cloud Service Provider Solution Stacks’, these are recommended solution stacks aligned to common service provider delivery models; Hosting, Managed Private Cloud and Public Cloud. The solution stacks provide recommendations in terms of which VMware products should be included as part of a VMware powered Hosting, Managed Private Cloud or Public Cloud platform.

You can download the vCAT-SP – Public Cloud Solution Stack

The Hosting and Private Cloud Solution Stacks will be released shortly.

Service Definitions

The service definition documents will help vCloud Air Network service providers define their cloud service requirements across compliance, SLA and OLA’s, recoverability business continuity, integration requirements for OSS and BSS systems, and service offerings use cases. The documents will provide example service definitions that can be leveraged as a starting point.

The initial release of vCAT-SP will provide a service definition example document for Public Cloud. Additional service definition example documents for Hosting and Managed Private Cloud will be provided at a later date.

Architecture Domains

vCAT-SP has been broken down in to seven architecture domains:

  • Virtualization Compute – Documents that detail specific design considerations for the virtualization platform across cloud service offerings for service providers.
  • Network and Security – Documents that detail network and security specific use-cases and design considerations for service providers.
  • Storage and Availability – Documents detailing design considerations for storage platforms and availability solutions for service providers.
  • Cloud Operations and Management – Documents detailing the design considerations and use-cases around opertions management of cloud platforms and services.
  • Cloud Automation and Orchestration – Documents detailing the design considerations and use-cases for automation and orchestration within cloud platforms.
  • Unified Presentation – Documents detailing design considerations and use-cases around presentation of cloud services through UI’s and API’s and the available options to service providers.
  • Hybridity – Documents detailing design considerations and use-cases for hybridity ranging from hybrid applicaton architectures to hybrid network design considerations.

Each domain contains architecture documents that cover off the core platform architecture design considerations, key service provider use cases and operational considerations.

Solution Architecture Examples

Solution Architecture Examples are reference solution designs that have taken the architecture domains in to consideration to formulate a holistic cloud solution. This will include design decisions that have been driven by key requirements and constraints specific to a particular deployment scenario. We are aiming to provide solution architecture examples for Hosting, Managed Private Cloud and Public Cloud platforms initially.

Solutions and Services Examples

Solutions and Services Examples are reference architecture blueprints detailing how to implement a particular cross functional service offering such as DR as a Service which requires a core cloud platform solution and configuration across network and security, storage and availability and compute virtualization domains. This area is where we will publish additional value-add service offerings that the cloud service providers can plug in to their core architectures.

More Information

The initial release of vCAT-SP zip file will be available for download during VMworld Barcelona from: https://www.vmware.com/go/vcat

For any feedback or requests for additional materials, please contact the team at: vcat-sp@vmware.com