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vCAT 3.1 released with videos

vCAT 3.1 was released several weeks ago in time for PEX. We have added updates to vCenter Chargeback and vCloud Connector. Please see the release notes for specific details on content change.

vCAT 3.1 now includes two sets of videos in support of the vCloud Architecture Toolkit.
a) Executive videos – We have provided several short executive briefs on VMware Validated Architectures, vCAT, our use internally of vCAT, and alignment of our Cloud Infrastructure Management (Layer 1) set of technologies. Currently we have postings from Pat Gelsinger, Ray O’Farrell, Bogomil Balkanski, Scott Aronson, and Mark Egan.
b) Subject Matter Expert (SME) videos – We have included 10 videos covering the Document Center tool for viewing the documentation, and one for each of the 9 document areas.

VMware Press release
VMware Press will be publishing the vCAT 3.1 release for those wishing a printed copy.

As always, we welcome your feedback on how we can improve on our vCAT.next release. Please send feedback to ipfeedback@vmware.com.

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About John Arrasjid

John Arrasjid, vcdx-001, is a Principal Architect with the VMware Global Solutions & Enablement team. John is currently the lead architect of the vCloud Architecture Toolkit (vCAT), leading the team that develops this reference for cloud architects, operators, and consumers. Download vCAT from www.vmware.com/go/vCAT. John is currently vice president of the USENIX Association and has published three books on VMware technologies. John is also a member of VMware's Elastic Sky band.