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Enforce System Wide CPU/Memory limits in vCloud Director

Have you ever wished you could prevent users from powering on VMs in your vCD environment with 4 or more CPUs? How about preventing VMs with more than 8 GB of memory from powering up? There may be performance benefits to enacting such limitations depending on the number of CPUs and cores the physical hosts in the underlying cluster have available.

While neither of the above items are possible with any basic settings, such control can be enforced in your vCloud Director environments. Laying out every step in detail to accomplish this task is beyond the scope of today’s post, but the basic steps are as follows:

  • Configure an AMQP server
  • Enabling the “Start vApp (Deploy from api)” blocking task
  • Specify a vCenter Orchestrator workflow to subscribe to the queue

If you find this concept interesting and feel you would benefit from such a solution, please leave me feedback as a comment to the Workflow Examples document in the Orchestrator Community.

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