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VCAT scope

We have expanded the scope across the current 700+ pages to include the following sections:

Core Documents
– Introduction
– VMware vCloud Service Definitions
– Architecting a VMware vCloud
– Operating a VMware vCloud
– Consuming a VMware vCloud
– Implementation Examples

Add-ons and Tools
– Workflow Examples
– Software Tools
– Cloud Bursting

We have also taken a step to simplify access and use. You will continue to be able to download PDF versions of the document. We have also implemented Webworks and Reverb. These technologies allow all docs to be served up online with global search and translation. The translation technology is Google Translate. Although this is not full localization, it makes vCAT documents more accessible to our wide audience around the work.

The current release of vCAT 2.0.1 and the new vCAT 3.0 will be available at www.vmware.com/go/vCAT. Further details on when vCAT 3.0 will be available is overed in the upcoming press release on Monday.

Third party solutions that are integrated with VMware vCloud technologies and that are vCAT ready can be found on the VMware Solutions Exchange.

Thank you to internal and external contributors and reviewers of this release.
John Arrasjid, Principal Architect. VCDX-001

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About John Arrasjid

John Arrasjid, vcdx-001, is a Principal Architect with the VMware Global Solutions & Enablement team. John is currently the lead architect of the vCloud Architecture Toolkit (vCAT), leading the team that develops this reference for cloud architects, operators, and consumers. Download vCAT from www.vmware.com/go/vCAT. John is currently vice president of the USENIX Association and has published three books on VMware technologies. John is also a member of VMware's Elastic Sky band.