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Use vCAT for Your IT Transformation to Cloud

Start your IT transformation to cloud-based services by referencing vCloud Architecture Toolkit (vCAT), a set of documents produced by VMware containing the technical details necessary for designing, implementing and operating a cloud IT architecture.

What vCAT Can Do For You

VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit (vCAT) is a set of documents designed to help you construct a superior working cloud solution leveraging technologies, recommended practices and innovative tools that have been proven in real-world enterprise and service provider cloud deployments.

vCATwill help you to:

  • Build, consume and operate a cloud
  • Gain confidence and credibility with your design solutions
  • Mitigate risks from change by enabling you to pull from hundreds of proven customer architectures
  • Accelerate your competitive differentiation in the marketplace

Download vCAT and start using it today!