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Using Horizon Workspace / Application Manager to update ThinApp packages.

Deploying ThinApps with the help of VMware Horizon Workspace Application Manager is a great method, but what about updating? Horizon supports updating ThinApp packages and this blog post will walk you through one method of doing that.

This blog post was initially created for Horizon Application Manager. The same principles apply for Horizon Workspace.
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Updating ThinApp Packages in VMware Horizon Application Manager

By Tina de Benedictis, Technical Marketing Manager, Enterprise Desktop, End User Computing, VMware

If you have updated a ThinApp package for the Horizon environment, you know that it was a manual process. ThinApp 4.7.2 gives you a sleek new update mechanism developed especially for the Horizon environment. You don’t use AppSync or side-by-side updating; instead, you use an update mechanism based on a new Package.ini parameter, VersionID.

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In-Place Update using a separate Data Container..

Within your ThinApp project can you configure it to create one single self-containing file or to break out the Data Container into a separate file so you end up having one or multiple Entry Points and one Data Container file, together acting as your whole package (more details on Entry Points and Data Containers).. 
What does this mean when we want to use In-Place Updates (also known as Side-By-Side or Integer Updates) on the package?

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In-place update usage in practice..

In-place updates (also called integer update or side-by-side update) is one of ThinApp’s strongest features when it comes to deploy updates to a package in full production with zero downtime (more details on different update mechanism can be found here).
During an In-Place update discussion with Steven Storrs @ Atos came we up with the following scenario I never had thought about before.. Let me explain it with a step by step demonstration..We’ll use my favorite packaged software, Mozilla Firefox for demonstration purposes..

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