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The . . . Definitive Guide for VMware ThinApp

Over the last four years I’ve been working with customers and partners on articulating and demonstrating the value of VMware ThinApp.  While ThinApp does offer one of the most flexible and streamlined solutions for virtualizing Windows applications there are still times when you need to put the product knowledge and the application expert together to get the results you want.  That has now occurred in written (and ebook) form with the release of the definitive guide for VMware ThinApp.  The title, VMware ThinApp Essentials, much like the author, is understated as you will find the relevance of this book greatly exceeds the ‘essentials’.  Yes, the author is one of our own VMware employees, but see for yourself that Peter Bjork always speaks to the reality of the customer environment and the satisfaction of well-implemented technology.  Leverage Peter’s dedication to the technology, wide spectrum of application experience, and commitment to help you extract the most value out of your investment in application virtualization.

Comparing virtual and non-virtual environments

If you ever need to compare what a virtualized application is presented with inside the virtual bubble against a normal physical install, you might try using the following technique.

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Antivirus Scanning in a VMware View Virtual Desktop Environment That Includes ThinApp Virtualized Applications

By Tina de Benedictis, Technical Marketing Manager, Enterprise Desktop

When you have ThinApp virtualized applications installed in a VMware View virtual desktop environment, what do you need to do to set up antivirus protection?

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ThinApp troubleshooting methods..

Perhaps the most requested type of information is how to perform troubleshooting on a ThinApp package. I therefore decided to share how most of the ThinApp specialists within VMware perform troubleshooting.

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Application Troubleshooting Tools and Tips for VMware ThinApp

General Information

It is commonly asked what tips and tricks as well as tribal knowledge and types of tools are good to use when working with and troubleshooting cumbersome applications. This article is meant to be a general guide on types of application troubleshooting tools and tips and tricks with regard to troubleshooting applications and ThinApp projects. 

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