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ThinApp Troubleshooting – Repost

Since it was a bit hard to find, I figured I would repost this section of the much larger blog article (linked here and at the bottom of this article) where we discuss application troubleshooting. The larger article (Application Troubleshooting Tools and Tips for VMware ThinApp) has many other good tidbits but we often get asked these specific items – hence the repost.

Often times we hear the app works but starts up slowly.  The first thing to help you here is this; does it start slowly the first time ONLY or does it start slowly each and every time.  Remembering the application is creating, building, and extracting contents to the sandbox a little more so the first time it executes, we can assume that if the application only runs slow the first time, it must be something which is being extracted, created, built, or otherwise dumped to the sandbox.

Regardless of this, here are some additional items to check:

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