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Using the ThinApp SDK to apply an AppSync Update

Recently I was asked if the ThinApp SDK can be utilized to force an AppSync update on a ThinApp Package. More importantly, some customers have wanted to know if it was possible to change the AppSync URL on the fly.

So….I thought I’d share this script. ๐Ÿ™‚

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How to Map a Drive within a ThinApp Packaged App

On occasion, we get asked how to do something like have a drive mapped before launching a ThinApp in the event the app needs to find something on the network instead of the local system or inside the Packaged app. Here is a simple script showing how to map a drive within ThinApp (before the app launches) and unmap the drive once the ThinApp packaged app is shut down.

NOTE: This will NOT be seen as a Virtual drive. Rather, this will map the network drive within Windows natively (like any other network mapped drive) so the drive will be visible to everything – including the ThinApp packaged app.

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ThinApp Services Start-Stop Script Template

Here's an example/template of a script which can be used within a ThinApp project to start and stop a service (and any dependent services) which doesn't have to be running unless the application is running.

One might ask, "I thought ThinApp automatically started and stopped captured services?"

It's true that ThinApp will automatically start services and stop them. But what about those applications that need a number of services started and in a specific order? Or maybe you only need those services running when a specific "thing" happens (i.e. a specific process/application starts). That's where a scripted solution comes into play very nicely with ThinApp.

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