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Using a VB Script to Time-Bomb a ThinApp Package

Ever wonder how one could use a VB Script to Time-Bomb a ThinApp package? Well, awhile back this was discussed in the Scripting Within ThinApp session of the ThinApp Bootcamp Series! Here’s how it’s done!

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ThinApp package usage metering

Nicolas Van Wijnsberghe, a colleague of mine, sent me this great example of just how flexible ThinApp and its VB-Script support is. With our VB-Script your imagination is pretty much the limitation..

Here is a VB-Script that will provide a poor mans software-metering solution.

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Getting the Group SID Value

As mentioned in previous blog entries, the PermittedGroups value can take an Active Directory Security Group SID value as well as the name. The benefit of this is the ThinApp project can be packaged on a non-domain system.

While this topic falls a bit to the side of ThinApp, lately I’ve been working on a couple of deployment documentation projects, defining different ways which a ThinApp package can be deployed, and one of the things I’ve found I was in need of was a tool to quickly and easily look up Active Directory Security Groups and return their SID value where I could COPY and PASTE it into a PACKAGE.INI file.

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Adding Non-Active Directory Validation Logic to a ThinApp Package

These are instructions on how to script in validation logic to your ThinApp package using VBS scripts – since virtually, whatever you can script, you can ThinApp.

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