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Performance considerations using AppLink

Do the Application Linking feature (AppLink) affect performance? Unfortunately the answer is, it depends.. Using AppLink will merge two or more Data Containers together. During this merge of the virtual environments, AppLink does its conflict resolution (learn more about conflict handling in AppLink here: http://blogs.vmware.com/thinapp/2011/03/the-power-of-applink.html) so yes, this will take some time to complete. Often this is not noticeable to the end-user though. One or two AppLinks are typically okay. Having 20 AppLink packages might be a little bit of a stretch. Then your end-users will start to notice a delay in start time. But..

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Make your ThinApp packages start quicker

I’m constantly being asked how to get the most out of a ThinApp package. Especially how to make the startup faster. There are many things you can do and most of them are application specific. I thought a blogs post providing the tweaks that generally provides the best effect for the lowest amount of time spent would be of interest.

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