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VMware ThinApp 5.0 Is NOW AVAILABLE!

By Aaron Black, ThinApp Product Manager, End-User Computing, VMware

On behalf of VMware, I’d like to introduce the product of a substantial engineering effort to optimize the architecture and capabilities of our market-leading application virtualization offering–ThinApp 5.0. We took the opportunity earlier this month to make some announcements during the VMworld event in Europe. In this blog, I’m just going to offer a quick review of the offering and invite you to download and see for yourself the new capabilities in this release.

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Virtualizing Microsoft Office 2010 on German Windows XP

There is quite a few blog posts and KB articles describing how to virtualize Microsoft Office 2010 with the help of ThinApp.

KB articles:

A blog post:

If you have Office locally installed but need to virtualize Project or Visio (many steps are the same as for Office 2010):

Additional information for German Windows XP:
If you follow the procedures described in above posts your package should work very well on an English OS. Jonathan Wilk (@DooDleWilk), Escalation Engineer at VMware Global Support Services, just sent me his notes working on a case. The package worked just fine on English Operating Systems and German Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit) but failed on a German Windows XP.

After some troubleshooting he realized that on an English Windows XP the OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform folder is located in the “Documents and Settings” folder. On a German Windows XP the folder is called “Dokumente und Einstellungen”. So the workaround was simply to create the “Dokumente und Einstellungen” folder underneath the %Drive_C% folder macro and copy the content from your “Documents and Settings” folder. Rebuild and it works.

I wouldn’t be surprised if other applications will have the same issue and therefore would need the same fix in order to be portable.

ThinApp Microsoft Visio and Project 2010 while locally installed Microsoft Office 2010

While many are virtualizing Microsoft Office 2010 during a Proof Of Concept (POC) most companies decide to install Microsoft Office natively rather than virtualizing it. Both packaging method are valid but many times it’s easier and more efficient to have Office locally installed. That said, virtualizing Microsoft Visio and Project is a whole different ballgame. Virtualizing Visio/Project makes very much sense in many designs. There are quite a few KB articles and blog posts out there covering Office 2010 and it’s components. But so far I’ve yet to see a complete list of what is needed in order to build a Visio/Project package and have it coexist and to a certain degree integrate with native Office. So I started to collect all data I found on Internet. I ended up adding a couple thinks myself as well.

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Quick-start guide for deploying Office 2010 using ThinApp 4.6.1

Anxious to create your own Office 2010 packages using ThinApp 4.6.1?   The following quick-start guide will help lead you through the process.   If you haven't captured an application using ThinApp before, make sure to read this blog entry first.


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