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Using VMware App Volumes with ThinApp Packages

By Dean Flaming, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager | Lighthouse & EUC Enablement, End-User Computing, VMware

With VMware’s acquisition of App Volumes (formerly known as CloudVolumes), customers now have another option for deploying VMware ThinApp packaged applications.  ThinApp packaged applications have always supported a variety of deployment options.  So when it comes to using ThinApp packages with VMware App Volumes, what might be the easiest and best way to combine the technologies?  And why would you want to do this?

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Solving MSI self-repair issues in ThinApp

Ever seen one of these running a ThinApp package?


Yes, is probably your answer.. Getting MSI self-repair messages when running ThinApp applications is not unheard of. Luckily it is often easy to fix.

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Can ThinApp MSI files be installed by Regular Users?

I just was asked, since a ThinApp package can run as a regular user, can a ThinApp MSI be installed/registered as a regular user as well?

Of course!

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Invalid MSI and Why

Some people have mentioned getting an “Invalid MSI” error when attempting to incorporate ThinApp package MSIs into their View environment via the View Management Console. As there are a various causes to the generation of this error, I wanted to go over some of the more common reasons why this is seen and how to resolve each of these.

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How to add registry keys and custom actions to ThinApp MSI’s

Many organizations with established software packaging practices have standardized their process to include ‘registry branding’ to indicate that an MSI was created by their packaging team, and to populate an area of the Widows registry with information that they can use for inventory purposes.  Adding these custom registry keys to ThinApp generated MSI’s can be done very easily.  Additionally, there may be times when you would like to launch a script, execute a file, or collect some information programmatically as part of the MSI installation process.  Here are the steps you should follow to perform these functions within a ThinApp generated MSI.

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ThinApp MSI Setting Modifications for User Installs

The following are MSI setting modifications to the ThinApp PACKAGE.INI in order to allow a standard user (i.e. NON-Admin type) to install a ThinApp MSI packaged application (even if that application normally requires admin privileges to run!).

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Notes and Considerations on Deploying ThinApp Packaged Applications via Active Directory Group Policies

We recently did some research on how to best deploy a ThinApp packaged application by pushing the ThinApp packaged MSI out to workstations via an Active Directory Group Policy Ojbect.

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