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Virtualizing Internet Explorer, what works?

Today many enterprises are struggling with their Internet Explorer implementation. You know what works today but what happens if you change the Java version or even worse, the version of Internet Explorer? Updating your browser implementation is many times almost as complex and risky as migrating to a new Operating System. ThinApp offers it-departments around the globe help with their browser implementation. By virtualizing your browsers and by using our URL redirection feature called ThinDirect you can have specific configurations of browsers with dependencies on a per web application basis. This allows it-departments to break loose from the complexity of browsers. You can now have latest greatest browser locally installed while your users can still use older version/versions of the browsers. ThinApp packages executes locally on the end-user’s computer, side by side with the native browser, no infrastructure required.

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Locally installed applications and integration with virtualized Internet Explorer

Perhaps one of the hottest use cases for ThinApp currently is virtualizing Internet Explorer 6. I have found a somewhat generic fix to make integration between virtualized IE6 and locally installed applications. The fix is discussed in a previous blog post (/thinapp/2010/03/how-to-resolve-send-to-email-issues-from-applications-like-reflection.html) but might not be that obvious.

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Creating an Internet Explorer 6 Entry Point in your VirtIE6 ThinApp Package

Many customers have asked recently how to automate the desktop shortcut creation of the virtual Internet Explorer 6 package….so I thought I would post this here as it is quite simple and easy to do.

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How to Disable Internet Explorer’s Default Browser Popup

Have you packaged Internet Explorer and gotten the default browser popup when testing your ThinApp package on another Windows system?


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Java Pop-Ups Slow in IE7/IE8

I recently had a customer (who wishes only to be known as “Paul”) report they were seeing an issue with slow Java pop-ups when running a packaged instance of IE7/IE8 linked to a Java package or native instance of IE through a Java package. As I was traveling, by the time I responded, the customer had figured the issue out and sent back the fix – which I thought was very nice indeed!

So on behalf of all ThinApp customers, Thanks “Anonymous Paul”!

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Things to Remember When Packaging Internet Explorer Plugins

General Information

This document provides some basic guidelines on packaging Internet Explorer plugins to use with the local, natively installed Internet Explorer when running the local, natively installed Internet Explorer through the virtual environment of a ThinApp packaged application. 

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Notes on Running Internet Explorer through a ThinApp Virtual Bubble


When attempting to package Internet Explorer and/or a plugin with Internet Explorer, there are some considerations that must be taken into account first before deciding which path to take.

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