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ThinApp 5.0 Quick Facts and Answers

By Tina de Benedictis, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, End-User Computing, VMware

VMware ThinApp 5.0 released two days ago, and here are some quick facts and answers to commonly asked questions.


Quick Facts

To virtualize a 64-bit application with ThinApp, you must Continue reading

Using Horizon Workspace / Application Manager to update ThinApp packages.

Deploying ThinApps with the help of VMware Horizon Workspace Application Manager is a great method, but what about updating? Horizon supports updating ThinApp packages and this blog post will walk you through one method of doing that.

This blog post was initially created for Horizon Application Manager. The same principles apply for Horizon Workspace.
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Horizon ThinApp Packages Generating Prompt

Launching a ThinApp from Horizon Shows a Prompt for the First Time:

Do you or your users get an error “Do you want to allow this website to open a program on your computer?” prompt the first time they go to launch a ThinApp package in Horizon?

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ThinApp Icons Not Appearing in Horizon

Often times we hear how someone is trying to publish a ThinApp Package via Horizon and not getting an icon. Continue reading

Updating ThinApp Packages in VMware Horizon Application Manager

By Tina de Benedictis, Technical Marketing Manager, Enterprise Desktop, End User Computing, VMware

If you have updated a ThinApp package for the Horizon environment, you know that it was a manual process. ThinApp 4.7.2 gives you a sleek new update mechanism developed especially for the Horizon environment. You don’t use AppSync or side-by-side updating; instead, you use an update mechanism based on a new Package.ini parameter, VersionID.

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Relink –h command for Horizon enablement of previously captured VMware ThinApp packages

By Tina de Benedictis, Technical Marketing Manager, Enterprise Desktop, End User Computing, VMware

ThinApp 4.7 was the first release with the option to enable your ThinApp virtual applications for VMware Horizon Application Manager. A new window in ThinApp Setup Capture gave you an easy, GUI-based way of enabling packages for Horizon as you captured them.

In the ThinApp 4.7 timeframe, how could you enable previously captured packages for Horizon? There were two ways:

  • Recapture with ThinApp Setup Capture
  • Add the Horizon parameters to Package.ini and rebuild the ThinApp package

ThinApp 4.7.2 has introduced a third method of Horizon enablement for previously captured applications.

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VMware ThinApp 4.7.2: Minor release, major new features for Horizon!

By Tina de Benedictis, Technical Marketing Manager, Enterprise Desktop, End User Computing, VMware

Do not let the three digits in the 4.7.2 release number fool you—the newly released ThinApp 4.7.2 has some exciting features that people have been asking for.

This new release of VMware ThinApp includes:

  • A mechanism for updating ThinApp packages in Horizon Application Manager
  • A new relink –h command to enable prior ThinApp packages for Horizon
  • RemoveSandboxOnStart, a new Package.ini parameter

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VMware ThinApp 4.7 – What’s new?

Today we are announcing the availability of ThinApp 4.7. VMware is introducing the enablement of ThinApp packages in a cloud-based deployment and management platform, VMware Horizon Application Manager.

This blog post discusses the integration of ThinApp packages with the Horizon 1.2 platform. For more information about the other capabilities of Horizon, see the VMware Horizon Application Manager website. Horizon release 1.2 is being announced on the VMware End User Computing blog site.

Horizon Application Manager provides ThinApp administrators with:

  • Dynamic entitlement of users and groups to ThinApp packages
  • Secure single sign-on access to a unified application catalog of virtualized Windows applications and SaaS and federated web applications
  • A management interface to deploy and entitle your users to ThinApp packages
  • Monitoring and reporting options to help you respond to any authentication issues and to be aware of application launches and closures

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