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Virtualizing Microsoft Office 2010 on German Windows XP

There is quite a few blog posts and KB articles describing how to virtualize Microsoft Office 2010 with the help of ThinApp.

KB articles:

A blog post:

If you have Office locally installed but need to virtualize Project or Visio (many steps are the same as for Office 2010):

Additional information for German Windows XP:
If you follow the procedures described in above posts your package should work very well on an English OS. Jonathan Wilk (@DooDleWilk), Escalation Engineer at VMware Global Support Services, just sent me his notes working on a case. The package worked just fine on English Operating Systems and German Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit) but failed on a German Windows XP.

After some troubleshooting he realized that on an English Windows XP the OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform folder is located in the “Documents and Settings” folder. On a German Windows XP the folder is called “Dokumente und Einstellungen”. So the workaround was simply to create the “Dokumente und Einstellungen” folder underneath the %Drive_C% folder macro and copy the content from your “Documents and Settings” folder. Rebuild and it works.

I wouldn’t be surprised if other applications will have the same issue and therefore would need the same fix in order to be portable.